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William Spiked T’hell: I’ve modelled this on the Spike Jones version of The William Tell Overture: https://youtu.be/QmlJs1h2G7Y

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William Spiked T’hell: I’ve modelled this on the Spike Jones version of The William Tell Overture: Comedy and Theatre in music can be the ultimate hilarious genre. This is particularly challenging in many respects, change of playing style, finding and tuning of domestic kitchen items, to be able to sing and gargle at the same time to name but a few. This piece is a must for an entertainment contact such as BIC! Also listen to his original here: https://youtu.be/Kl6bQ6W7f4I

At the age of eleven, he received his first drum set. As a teenager, he played in bands he formed himself. In a station restaurant, a cook teaches him to make musical instruments out of saucepans, forks, knives and spoons.

In the 1930’s , he joined the Victor Young Band and was invited to play on various radio shows, including Bing Crosby’s  : Kraft Music Hall .

In 1940 , he appeared for a few moments in the film Give Us Wings , without being mentioned in the credits. In 1941violinist Carl Grayson joined the band. In 1942 , he starred in four small musical films, called soundies , intended to be played on pay machines in arcades or bars. Among these films: Pass the Biscuits, Mirandy, in which he appears as a peasant.

Other members joined the group: George Rock (vocals and trumpet), Mickey Katz ( clarinet and vocals), Doodles Weaver (vocals) and Red Ingle (vocals). They became the backing band for Spike Jones: The City Slickers. They also presented a weekly television show on NBC .

A smoker since his youth, Spike Jones died of emphysema in Beverly Hills at the age of 54. He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City.

Jones had four children: Spike Jr., Linda, Leslie, Michelle, and Gina. Leslie is now the director of film music for George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch.

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