Toccata – Music for brass sextet (Wilfred Heaton)


[2 cornet (or trumpets) in B flat, horn in E flat, baritone in B flat, euphonium and tuba]

This is the original version of one of Wilfred Heaton’s most well known works. He was invited to compose this in 1939, but it was never performed at that time. He prepared the brass band version in the late 1940s and it was eventually published in 1973. The original was not performed in Heaton’s life time. It differs from the band version in many minor and a few major ways. It is more dissonant and perhaps less refined, but the energy and excitement of Heaton’s first wholly characteristic work remains.

Duration: 6 mins
£40.00 plus shipping, with alternative parts for horn in F, and tenor trombones in bass clef

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