Three Christmas Portraits (Philip Doe)


Philip Doe has created a delightful suite of Three Christmas Portraits featuring Christmas Day, The Coventry Carol and I Saw Three Ships. Each brings a taste of the festive season from the dainty opener, through the baroque-style centre piece and through to the joyous climax.

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A delightful suite of three Christmas carols expertly adapted by Philip Doe. This suite opens with Christmas Day, a dainty and light opening that shows the more delicate aspects of brass playing. The centerpiece is a new version of The Coventry Carol, which opens with a first verse rendition for quartet before developing a more baroque-style treatment that sits on an ostinato bass line. The movement reaches  its climax with flourishes from the cornets leading to a rendition of the carol at fortissimo, and treated with slightly altered harmonies, before coming to rest with the opening quartet. The final movement is I Saw Three Ships, with handy interjections of several other carols making for a rousing climax to an enjoyable set of three Christmas portraits.

Duration: 7’00”

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Dimensions 21 × 29.7 cm

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