Those Gazing Eyes for Brassband


Those gazing eyes is a concert piece for brass band.

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Grade 5
Duration: 6:00

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Those gazing eyes is a programmatic work: We see a child gazing into the distance, slowly we enter his fantasy. An oriental dance with virtuoso solos is juxtaposed with a daydreaming theme. From this fantasy, we are transported to a musing parent. Who, at first, is worried about the future of his son. Episodes of sighing and sadness lead to a solemn statement of hope. Again we see the gazing child, this time slowly entering a daydream where the main theme is fully exposed. However, as an onlooker, we will never know the full extent of these dreams. So for us, it is back to reality.

Those Gazing Eyes is a laureate of the 2016 Cory Composition Prize.

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