The Unfortunate Traveller (Imogen Holst) SCORE


Introduction – Scherzo – Interlude – March
Performing edition by Paul Hindmarsh

Imogen Holst was inspired to write this suite after the success of her father’s Moorside Suite at the
National Brass band Championships in 1928. She submitted it as part of her 1930 portfolio at the Royal
College of Music. The title was taken from Thomas Nashe’s 1594 romance. Imogen Holst conducted the
work with the Carlisle St. Stephen’s Band in 1933, after which it remained unperformed until revived in this
new performing edition by Zone One Brass in Ulverston in 2011. The new performing edition of this lively
and tuneful work gives the music more variety of colour. The suite is a valuable addition to the repertoire
from a golden period of brass band composition and is ideal for youth and community bands to perform
in concert or contest.
Grade 4
Duration: 11 mins
Published in association with G & I Holst Ltd.
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