The Brash Brass Band Tour De Europe – PDF


The Brash Brass Band Tour De Europe: So, where do we start on this? It came to pass (good biblical start) that most tutors/conductors thought, at one stage or another, that their students/band members DO NOT PRACTISE enough of the gritty stuff – Technical Exercises to use rude terminology! 11 original compositions with technical issues hidden within for all of the band! You might call this a band trainer?

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We have all experienced the player who comes across a small passage in an otherwise “easy enough piece” which has brought them to a grinding halt. This then requires the application of the rude terminology. So far, we know their playing career has not been over exposed to this discipline/boredom. And we should face reality here. That is; a mouth full of Arban, Ridgeon, Herbert Clarke, Chas Colin, Vizzutti for an hour a day doesn’t flit quite as quick as the same time spent on “Phone/computer” nor has quite the same entertainment value. 

So, my solution? Compose entry-level technical exercises and transform them into pieces that have a direction, purpose, meaning, and should also be fun. The collection of pieces represents a touring holiday, and each piece is a stage of that holiday/tour. Places to see journeys to be made by rail and sea; a variety of composers music to find and pay homage to in different styles and skills to master & exposure for the different band sections and some soloists in the band. 

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