Scherzo (Wilfred Heaton)


This lively movement, without percussion, is a full scoring completed Paul Hindmarsh of a Scherzo which the teenage Wilfred Heaton composed for two cornets and two trombones in 1937. In 1950 Heaton scored the first section to form the second movement of a Suite for brass band. When this work became Partita in 40 years later, he replaced this the more contemporary Scherzo which he had composed for the orchestral version of Suite. Paul Hindmarsh has scored the middle section to create a concert piece similar in design and impact to Heaton’s Toccata. This version of Scherzo was recorded by Black Dyke Band on the sixth volume of The Heaton Collection (SPS 417 CD)

Grade 5
Duration: 8 mins
Score and parts: £50.00 plus shipping.

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