Royal Fireworks for 10 Bb Trumpets – PDF

£26.00 Royal Fireworks Music for 11 Bb/1 Eb bass trumpets.

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Royal Fireworks Music for 11 Bb/Eb bass trumpets.

Why? Firstly the 11th part is for Bass trumpet in Eb which doubles the 10th trumpet part to help out and add an octave below on occasion so a trombone player with three fingers will need to be found and also might appreciate the practice? The design is for Bb trumpet players to think on the fly on swapping trumpets as they play, the parts are mixed in terms of where the part lies, so 60% might be fine on the Bb and 40% sits better on the Eb or in some parts on the Picc Bb. Ensembles this size will predominantly exist in music colleges and as part of the practice I would suggest musical chairs after one blow through so the thought process is changed again for all. 10th part is low and low F’s and below are the order of the day and perfectly playable and the fact that its there means you have to get on with it!

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