Partita for Band (Wilfred Heaton) SCORE


Prelude – Scherzo – Canzona – Rondo
In the late 1940’s. after returning from war service in the RAF, Heaton composed his first major work
intended for performance by brass band outside The Salvation Army. This was a four movement Suite,
comprising a short, arresting Prelude, a fleet-footed Scherzo, a lyrical Canzona and a brilliant Rondo.
Heaton signed the work with the pseudonym Paul Krask and dedicated it to Eric Ball, to whom he sent
the manuscript. The work has never been performed in this version or in the orchestral version
completed in 1950. After the success of Contest Music in 1982, this re-casting as Partita was
prepared for Howard Snell and the Desford Colliery Band. The short scherzo was replaced by the
modern orchestral movement. Partita is a work of symphonic scale and complexity.
Grade 6
Duration: 26 mins
Score: £20 plus shipping

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