Meditation on Aberystwyth (Wilfred Heaton) SCORE


This is Wilfred Heaton’s earliest surviving extended work for brass band. Probably dating from the early 1940s, it adopts the genre of hymn tune setting known in the Salvation Army as a Meditation. Heaton’s extended three verse treatment of Joseph Parry’s famous Welsh hymn tune is on a large scale. The three verse settings are preceded by a short prelude and separated by substantial development sections, the second of which is fast and highly dramatic. It leads to a majestic concluding verse. The music is influenced by the Salvationist composer and arranger George Marshall, but Heaton’s distinctive voice, particularly with regard to the clarity and economy of the scoring, shines through at times.


Grade 5
Duration: 11 mins
Score: £12.50

Meditation on Aberystwyth, played by Fairey Band (Garry Cutt)

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