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Heroes of the North was commissioned by Henning Annundsen for Skodvin Skulemusikk and pays tribute to the development of brass band activity in the Nordhordland region of Norway.

The music is a set of character variations based upon personalities long associated with both the band and the region. The opening 5 note motif (C D E F G) might be considered the starting point for beginner brass students, and this mini-theme is developed throughout the work.

Five variations follow: Mr Brevik’s Galop (representing Tom Brevik, a key figure in Norwegian brass band music); Frode’s Dance (with apologies to Edvard Grieg), portraying soprano cornet player Frode Rydland, one of Skodvin Skulemusikk’s most famous “old boys”; Mr Bjørge’s Walk representing Viggo Bjørge, “Mr Eikanger Bjørsvik Band”;  Hymn for Knut-Harald, known as “Mr Skodvin Skulemusikk” having over many years played a central role in the teaching and training of the band, and finally Maestro Snell’s Russian Adventurefeatures music with more than a hint of Russian (Khachaturian to be precise) and calls to mind Howard Snell whose arrangements and presence have made such a huge contribution to Norwegian Brass Banding over many years.

Heroes of the North is playable by 4th section bands.

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