Haydn Trumpet Concerto for Eb tpt new edition PDF


This “guide” is to help those who are looking to perform this concerto, perhaps for the first time.

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This “guide” is to help those that are looking to perform this concerto perhaps for the first time. For many years it was performed mainly on the Bb trumpet by students and amateurs from an edited version from Boosey & Hawkes by the late great Ernest Hall in 1945 (BBCSO 1929/53). This was because of the lack of availability of the Eb trumpet  around the mid to late 1940’s to mid 1960’s.

As to this edited part, it is purposely overmarked to give suggestions or articulation types, note lengths, legatos (slurs) phrases, grace notes, trills, and dynamics; which, are all choices to inspire your own personal ideas. Of course, another way is to listen to as many recordings as possible, look for a way forward and mark your solo part to your own interpretation?

I’ve also made reference to a handwritten ink part (which Stringer used in his 1967 recording) from 1882 which is 82 years after the premiere. Although Haydn had completed the concerto in 1796, Anton Weidinger had not fully finished his keyed bugle build together until nearly 4 years later.

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