Fanitullen (octet)


Cornet/trumpet octet. Originally written to be performed by a group of Hardanger fiddles. This arrangement maintains the Norwegian folk flavour and replicates the special characteristics of the Hardanger fiddle in the accompaniment.

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“Fanitullen” is taken from Halvorsen’s dramatic suite ‘Fossegrimen’, written to accompany a play of the same name, of which this is the fifth and final movement. It was originally written for violin ensemble, led by a soloist (replicated here as a duet). Usually it would be performed on a traditional Hardanger fiddle.

In performance, the violin group often stand in a semi-circle around the leader. This arrangement has been orchestrated such that a similar positioning can be used with the two main soloists positioned centrally, and the rest of the group surrounding them. If more than 8 players are used, only the tutti parts should be doubled leaving the soloists on individual parts.

Hear the arranger performing a similar version on this multitrack recording:

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Johan Halvorsen


Nick Walkley

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