Denis Wick Classic Tuba Mouthpiece


Denis Wick Classic Tuba Mouthpiece

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The Denis Wick Mouthpiece is a stalwart in the Brass world and when it comes to playing Tuba, many players don’t look anywhere else for their Mouthpiece of choice, and for good reason.

From solo literature to orchestral performance, Denis Wick tuba mouthpieces meet the requirements of every musical style. All models have great flexibility, produce a rich sound and have clear overtones.

Players with fuller lips often prefer a more rounded rim of the XL mouthpiece has been designed with those players in mind. The rims of the 1XL, 2XL and 3XL are very comfortable to play and are excellent for players who require plenty of endurance, as the slightly wider rim surface offers more support.
The 2SL and 3SL mouthpieces are excellent for Tuba soloists and for F Tuba, where a brighter sound is required.
The 2SL has a backbore which has been greatly opened, giving an extremely responsive low register.

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