GLENN VAN LOOY 4th Adjustable Bottom Cap for older model YAMAHA MAESTRO Euphoniums


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A Glenn Van Looy ABC replaces your 4th Valve Bottom Cap and you can adjust the weight to gain optimum “Note Centring and Securing” for your Euphonium.


It’s the same diameter and thread as your Instrument and helps greatly in terms of Note Centring and Sound Projection, with the Science being “That adding Mass Attenuates the Harmonic Partials (the full spectrum of sound colour within each semi-tone)”. 


The most common comment from players is . . .“It centres the notes and makes them far more secure”.  Do they work? The evidence is yes, but just to make sure, you can try one for a month and try – anywhere in the world!! With our unique world-beating offer you’ve got nothing to lose!

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