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Ray Farr Flugels have eighty-eight component parts and every part is guaranteed for Three Years from the date of your instrument purchase. Also guaranteed for Three Years is the high-quality Craftsmanship and Plating – very few, if any manufacturers offer a Three Year Plating guarantee.

All component parts are stocked at the workshop in quantity so if ever your Ray Farr Flugel is accidentally damaged, we can repair it and fit replacement parts within five working days of receiving your instrument.

Trying one on Two Weeks’ Approval:

We manufacture to order and either sell Direct from the Factory via this website or through the highly respected national retailers

Once your Ray Farr Flugel has been made, you pay a £700 deposit and we deliver the instrument to you so you can try it in all your playing environments for two weeks.

If you like it, you then pay the balance and if not, simply return it for your £700 refund.


Shipping costs are calculated based on the product’s size and/or weight. Shipping costs start at £4.95 in the UK, £9.95 for Europe and £14.95 for all other destinations.

Free shipping applies to all UK orders over £99.